busy busy busy

it's been a few months since I have posted something. so I thought I would bring you all up to speed. or mostly... as you all remember I was pregnant with my third child. and We came thru all that beautifully! we had a healthy, bouncing baby boy on May 19, 2010 at 7:46p. he was 7.52 pounds and 19 inches long. So I have been a little busy relearning how to take care of a newborn. he is beautiful and so smart. He's my chunky monkey! I am so excited that he is here and healthy and very,very happy! my best news is he's been sleeping thru the night for almost a month! in four days he's four months old.
I love the learning experience and another child to introduce new and wonderful things. too much fun for all of us in the future!


happy new year all. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday. been so busy with the retail crap, I had no time for blogging. it's a week into the 2010. how's it going? I think it's been totally AWESOME!! tons of snow and bitter cold. this is what winter is suspose to be.



Emawkc, it was not you I was directing my comments too. Honestly, yours are the kindest I have heard. I must say there were some that are truly excited for me but MOST are the total negative. One woman said to me well, I hope that baby isn't born with down syndrome or has autism because you are so OLD. other comments are you gonna get rid of it cuz you are so OLD.. that is the negativity that I have been getting.

I am sorry if I unintentionally directed it to you or if you thought that.
I have been trying to get to that LESS stress more positive attitude with my life and it seems everything that is stressful in my life comes from work. not my family or even my extended family.

So, Emawkc I graciously accept your kindness. I thank you for your explanation. Even though it's not necessary I needed to blow off some steam from the old biddies that I work around.

Okay, week 15 1/2 into the swelling of the belly!! LOL that is my news.


Thank You I think????

Emawkc, thank you for the congratulations.
it's is a blessing/miracle. but trust me I am not going to turn this blog into a look at me and baby growing kinda crap that all new mommies do with their blogs. it's like they are pimping their babies. that is just boring and eewww. yah, I am pregnant.
woot it's not something worse than cancer or whatever. so, don't think that it's a bad thing.
I have had many, many people tell me thank god it's not me. and all I want to say is thank you for all the negativity you are giving me. I just want to run and hide from the world because of these people. these are the kind of people that would abort a embryo at the first sign of a birth defect or just cause its their time to be selfish. but they are totally against abortion.
SO, yes congratulations are in order. I DON'T need the negativity in my life right now. I have enough with my Job.


Freaks in the House!!

Hello again!
after a very long extensive bout of insanity I have decided to come back to blogging. I am sorry that I missed so many months, but there has been nothing much to say or even chat about in my life but boring and all so normal insanity.
I have many new things to bitch, grip and maybe even laugh about. I think I might start it off with a HUGE bomb!

here goes.

do I do a countdown or just tell hmmmm....

just tell I think.

I been sick for about 2 months now. going to doctors and seeing specialists. As much as I really hate the medical field and most of the peoples that work in that said field. *no offense to those if there are any readers out there that are med techs of one thing or another* it's just a bunch of guessing until the right test is given and analyzed before the diagnosis is told.

making this huge bomb even bigger and more exciting I am stalling to tell you what I have been going thru.

So, right side pain and lower right side pain, so bad that I am curled up in a ball, bawling my eyes out makes my dear husband call the doctor and make an appointment asap. there I am being big girl and becoming guinea pig number one. ok no swine flu. no pneumonia. no appendicitis. still in pain but no clue what is wrong with me. let's take a CT scan of the lower abdomen. if anyone has had one of these it's pretty cool until you have to ONLY drink barium sulfate. PUKE!! puke!! PUKE!! of course my barium was berry flavored, so it was like drinking berry flavored chalk. and not just a few ounces of the shit but 1350 milliliters of the crap. and side effects vary in people... DON'T fucking believe a fucking word you read about this shit. diarrhea, and major puking involve with me. so I am thinking everyone in the world is lying when they say I didn't' have any side effect!! BULL SHIT!

ok on with the fun...

inconclusive -- diagnosis basically there is a hardening of the endometerial wall of my uterus. going thru my brains was endometriosis, uterine cancer, really any kind of cancer known to man and the worst of all it's all in my head you really just need to learn to live with the pain.

which brings me to ANOTHER test....

lower abdomen ultrasound.. super cool just drink water for it. I can do that no puking involved. just drink 32 ounces of water in the 2 hours before showing up at the appointment. crap. I never peed so many times before a test LOL and when I finally got to do the test. the sweet lady that did the exam god bless her, she was the marquee De Sade of the ultrasound world.. she was digging into my bladder so many times I was tearing up and thinking I was going to pee my pants so many times. all she said was hmmm aaahh ok how old are you? are you this? are you that?
answered all her questions and then some. She said, hmm ok I am finished here you clean up and sit over there for a few minutes while I call your doctor to see if I need to do anymore tests.. DAMN!! I still know nothing. about a half hour later and 4 more trips to the bathroom. She came back and said okay you can go home. WHAT THE FUCK? okay cool I am outta here.


ring ring or was it buzz buzz

yes it was buzz my blackberry was on vibrate...

is this Serenity?
Dr.******, is this a good time to talk?

*inner thoughts "oh fuck I got this, I got that"*
Yes, it is Dr.*****

are you sure?

*inner thought* OH MAJOR FUCK*

sure, what is wrong with me??

Dr-- hmmm you are like 9 and a half weeks pregnant!

HOLY shit, you are kidding me?
not kidding you, you are pregnant. the ultrasound tech found a fetus and you are having a baby. this is a viable pregnancy, she also saw the heart beat.

no fucking way. wow that is a freaking whole lot better than me thinking I have cancer!!

thank you, Doctor!

that is my news.

I am going to be 43 this December and I am pregnant with my third child.