work work work

it's work not a career. I hate when people like me in the retail bidnezz call it a career. As everyone or that one person out there that reads me blog knows that I work for Wal-Mart. I don't dog on Wal-Mart as a whole which by the way is one of the TOP retail stores out there that has made a profit during Christmas.. ANYwhose, I only dog on those that are major STOOPID peoples that work with me.
So, where was I. Oh yeah, Career. Wal-Mart is a career if you make six digits a year, Wal-Mart is a LIFE sentence if you work for minimum wage.
BUT, in my case it's not a career or a life sentence ---- it is Day Care for ADULTS. (I think I am an adult this year. I was told that this year.) Wal-Mart keeps me warm and safe from the outside world for 9 hours a day. It has a bathroom, an area for play *electronics and toys* and they give you sharp things to cut with when you are really bored. BUT the best thing of all you get an allowance after working there two weeks.
So, my reason for blogging today is the fact it occurred to me today that I really love my job. I may really hate some of the idiots that I have to endure.

I love my job. I love my job. I love my JOB!!!

Did that sound sincere?? I can't really feel it anymore. ohh the gas past.....

tell me how you love your jobs...


Watch the Guild

OMG. I just found a show online that is just totally funny and a must see. It's call The Guild. It is so funny. If ya'll are like into the MMORPG games like I am then you will understand there are really people out there just like these people are presenting... watch and enjoy