Emawkc, it was not you I was directing my comments too. Honestly, yours are the kindest I have heard. I must say there were some that are truly excited for me but MOST are the total negative. One woman said to me well, I hope that baby isn't born with down syndrome or has autism because you are so OLD. other comments are you gonna get rid of it cuz you are so OLD.. that is the negativity that I have been getting.

I am sorry if I unintentionally directed it to you or if you thought that.
I have been trying to get to that LESS stress more positive attitude with my life and it seems everything that is stressful in my life comes from work. not my family or even my extended family.

So, Emawkc I graciously accept your kindness. I thank you for your explanation. Even though it's not necessary I needed to blow off some steam from the old biddies that I work around.

Okay, week 15 1/2 into the swelling of the belly!! LOL that is my news.