friday fun....

Happy Friday!
First, I would like to say may the PEAS BE WITH YOU! this is in conjuction with the last post. So, read the post before this one. If you don't get it SAY IT OUT LOUD. it's ok I know you are in your basement and just in your bunny slippers taking a break from porn. NO one is at home. SAY IT OUT LOUD!

Second, my all time favorite director, living director that is just about around my age and I can really identify with him. He has been making a movie and he posted a teaser. Yes, Kevin Smith of Mall Rats, Dogma has done it again. Can't wait to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It looks like another winner from Mr. Smith. Thanks Kevin!!!!





Feeling like life is a passin me by

haven't had much to say to ya'll this past couple of weeks. though i have been enjoying all your postings. trying to get something going in my life other than work. seems like people are a living their lives and i am like the speed bump. trying to get out more. i hope to get out more. the more productive thing i have done is i have been to 3 movies this last week. yah go figure that. before these 3 the last movie i had seen was the harry potter one from last summer and that was last september.
forbidden kingdom by far the most wanted. jet li and jackie chan in a movie together at last. YES.
speed racer cartoon with live action people good just don't go in expecting the matrix thing not going to happen.
iron man gawd fucking good shit. my goosebumps came alive again just thinking about robert downey jr. playing tony stark. CAN NOT wait for iron man 2 one just one spoiler PLEASE sit thru the credits and you will see the next step/preview


May Day Rain

This is exciting. It's raining again. I L O V E the rain. Storms, lightning, and the thunder. It gets my juices running. Makes me feel alive. I am glad it's still looking grey and wet outside. I feel like it's a past life coming to being. Like I was a long time worker in 18th century Japan during rainy season or lived in foggy, wet London, England. I am loving the freak in me. Rain, Rain don't go away.