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I found this cool site while reading Moxiemama. Thanks for posting this site.

Which reminds me of the SNL skit from a couple of years ago.


This Wal-Martian Rebel

Has it been a month since I last posted? Where has the time flown? HI there been busy getting the lemon of a computer fixed and working the Wal-Martian way. I finally have a story. It's been so boring at work this past month same ol' same ol' day in and day out. UNTIL yesterday.

I do receiving, the basic checking in vendors with their product. My all time least favorite, most hated liquor delivery driver came to my backdoor. I greeted him with silence; as usual. He's a smelly, snarky, lying beast of an idiot. Oh, let's name him Tom. Tom looks like a reject from the 30's with a BAAD bowl hair cut. Tom likes to tell stories where he's related to almost everyone that is famous from the President of the United States to Charlie Sheen. He's also said that he is an orphan, he's been a cowboy in Montana and loves to tell prison stories that he's "read" on the net. Enuf background about the asshole.

YESTERDAY, he starts unloading his stock on to a pallet, where I am suppose to check the opened box and scan one item with my computer *aka Telezon*. He uses a box knife to cut the boxes open. When we are not even half way into the invoice he cuts himself. I didn't notice this cuz I really don't care. But I DID notice the smears of blood all over four or five boxes. I cued into this rather quickly. I asked dear ol' Tom, " Did you Cut yourself?" He looks down at his hand and shrugs and wipes the excess blood on to another box on the pallet in my store and keeps on working. I am outraged!!! I then piped up and say "You have to get a band aide! You can't keep on bleeding on all the boxes!" Once again he shrugs and keeps on gathering up boxes. MORE OUTRAGED I am. "I said you have to go and get a band aide! They are in a first aid box on the wall over there!" He shrugs and keeps on working. By this time I am livid. "NO more. I will refuse everything if you don't clean that cut up NOW!" Said I. He finally got a clue. Got a band aide. Did a poor job on putting it on. Then I went to a manager and asked what to do. He said to refuse JUST the Stuff he bled all over. IF it were me I would have put the whole damn load on the truck and kicked his ass outta of my store for life. What a fucking ass this man will always be. Images of a rocket launcher in my hands shoving it up this man's ass and me wickedly grinning as I squeeze the trigger, have popped in my mind many a time when dealing with this man.