My Time Has Come

Congrats to me as I make it through the 5 months of hellish Wal-Mart work for my albeit ooh so treasured vacation. I am ooh so lucky to get this time for I have been "deemed" one that is not as important as most at the Wal-Mart that I work for, because inventory is approaching and no one is allowed vacation during this time. Less than a month away and I pissed people off all day today. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA Which, if you have not guessed, it's my favorite past time. Yes, I realize that I haven't really talked about my work life like I should, no one has really ticked me off as of the last few weeks.
As of now I am on vacation. Going to be very far away from work -- not going to think about it -- not going to go there for anything, but my paycheck -- not going to worry about it.

My thoughts are with one of our support managers though, she is very, very sick. I would like to have everyone that reads this to have some good get well thoughts and prayers, she needs them very bad. Manager D. , had several heart attacks in the last few days. I know you guys don't know her but she is a good person and a good worker. We need her there. HEY, "D." get better. We are thinking about you.



See this little picture? yes, I am going to go to the Mecca of NASCAR racing. That is right the all ooh so coveted race tickets to Bristol, TN. ooh yeah, the Sharpie 500. This Saturday night I will be sitting in the stands eating rubber and loosing my hearing with all the freaking rednecks from the south at the best damn race track in the continental United States. Look for me in the stands if you watch the race. will post some pics and video from the race when I get back next week.




Yah that's right -- all kinds of crap....

if ya'll have been wondering why I haven't been posting .. well, life happened. I have been making a 2 1/2 hour trek to Southeast Kansas to visit my grandma for the last month or so. She had been sick. Monday, last she passed away. I think she is in a better place with no more pain and no more struggle to get that next breath. Being almost 90, she was a very strong person. At the age of 19, my grandma was given a death sentence. She contracted Tuberculosis. She was sent to a sanatorium to die. Go figure this, she didn't die. Grandma was telling this story to the family. She got this far away look and asked this question; " Where are all those doctor's now?" Of course we all laughed and said "Grandma, I am sure they are all dead by now. Boy, did you show them." She got a seventy year reprieve from her death sentence. Blessed by the gods, my grandma was. I will miss her very much. She was still a viable person, she still had so much to give. BUT, I know she is with loved ones that have preceded all of us and is very happy now.