Feast of Fridays

As I was doing my daily ritual of reading blogs of compatriots from all over. I was reading Logtar's. I like his Friday Feasts, questions about anything and nothing. This week's was really intresting and it got me to thinking. (scary huh?)

So, I am going to borrow it this week ...

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008. Get some home repairs completed and/or find a new house MAYBE

What time of day (or night) were you born? Well, since I was there and I am pretty sure that it was night then it got really bright. Actually, I was born at 9:20pm

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown? Bolivar, Missouri is the only city in the United States that suspends the sell of eggs the day before Halloween and reinstates the sell of said eggs on Nov.1

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from? Alive; it would be my uncle, he is a survior of the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1944. I would like to know what it was like to be there and learn more about that part of history from someone who experienced it first hand. Dead; being a movie buff, I think I would like to be a pen pal of either Humphrey Bogart or Clark Gable, those two men just appeal to me as being ones who lived in the moment.

THANK you Logtar

Brining in the New Year

Something to try in the new year.
Put your bottled water in a brown paper bag and bring it with you to church or work. Pour powdered sugar into a small baggie and spill it on your lap or desk. Do that every day until there's an intervention. What fun. Brought to you by Astrology.com AstroSlam


The Truth is Spoken

Crunches and pushups will help your physique, but remember they can't help your personality. Only a full frontal lobotomy would fix that. Or decades of therapy. But the lobotomy is such an quick fix. Today's horoscope from Astrology.com


SO, It's Christmas Time

It's Christmas time again. Happy Holidays to all that read my blog. I would like to wish the best of Christmas Wishes to Smedfx, Hip White Guy, Just Cara, Logtar, Silent Bob Speaks to all my family, friends, and yes, enemies. This is a time to forget all our petty differences and squabbles. It's not all about getting the perfect present; it's about giving. Giving of yourself in a selfless manner. Being kind and helping one another. To remember what is the true meaning of Christmas. Plus, this is the time to remember all those who can not be with their families at this time. Those who are fighting for the peace of the world. Make special prayers for our men and women in the armed forces over seas.


Say It Ain't SO, Chachi

OH MY GAWD, my teen-age crush has finally tied the knot.
I don't know if I can watch any more Happy Day episodes with Chachi in them.
A many of a tear is going to be shed this night all across the states.

Scott Baio Takes a Bride
Dec. 10, 2007, 2:44 PM EST

By Kat Giantis
Special to MSN Entertainment

Somewhere, Joanie cries silently into her poodle skirt.

After decades of cutting a swath through Hollywood's hypermammiferous starlet and Playboy Playmate population, Scott Baio has finally renounced his bachelor status.

Unfortunately, neither Fonzie nor Richie Cunningham was on hand to witness the erstwhile Chachi's knot-tying.

People reports the onetime "Happy Days" star, 46, wed longtime love Renee Sloan Saturday in Los Angeles during a religious rooftop ceremony that would have been small and intimate if not for the cameras documenting it for the second season of his in-need-of-a-new-title reality show, "Scott Baio is 45 & and Single."

Guests at the ceremony included the couple's month-old baby girl and Sloan's 18-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

"She is one of the simplest, non-egoed women I've ever met," Baio rhapsodized to Us in July (is "simple" a compliment?). "And the only woman who has not tried to change me."

Still, the former "Charles in Charge" star harbors no illusions about the until-death-do-we-part scenario.

"My parents were married 53 years, good and bad," he recently told People. "Can I do that? Probably not. But I really hope I can. I don't know, 53 years with the same human being? I can't be around myself for more than three or four hours before I want to kill everybody."



It's Another Year for a Birthday

Yes, today is my birthday. I wish one wish every December 1st, that it will snow on my birthday and I have only been blessed with that wish maybe 3 times in my 40mumble years. Life in Missouri. BUT this year I got snow 2 days before and they are saying that it might do it some more here and there TODAY. So, I am happy with mother nature this year. Can't complain. Life is good, in my book.

What else am I doing on this fine day other than watching it snow? I and my family are going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra this afternoon