What is this World Coming TOO

When a 9 year old boy is BANNED from playing the game he loves because he is too good. This is a pathetic world we are living. When I was a kid WAAAYYY back we had a girl that was an awesome pitcher. She was fast and accurate, no one on the other parents cringed when their children were up against her; worrying about her hurting their kids. In fact it was really cool when someone hit one of her pitches which was a rarity. SO, why inhibit some little guy who happens to be good because the parents are scared for their kids. Who probably haven't even ridden a two-wheeler. Read on. What do ya'll think??


Were we going to get to where we were suppose to be going.. Hence the annoying questions started -- " ARE WE THERE YET?"

We visited an air museum that was the home of the Spruce Goose. Very cool place. I would have never realized that the Goose was SO big.

We saw a little bit of everything in one state. It was beautiful. From plains to mountains and the ocean. Very, very beautiful.



By the way, I and the family made it home! It is a sweet thing to be able to sleep in your very own bed. But we had a great time. Got to see the west coast, play on the beach, see a very cool airplane museum, two lighthouses, won some money at a casino, rode with a crazy lady. Pictures will come soon.

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Griswold time

It's vacation time for the entire family. We are trekking across the country to visit. I am calling it Griswold time. Wish me luck. See ya'll in a week or so.

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