Live, learn and weep

a friend sent me this link today, I have to share with all that read or try to read
my blog. A Soldiers Song

Please watch


Another Hump Day is Upon Us

Happy Wednesday! One day before the fun, fine Friday, we all wish every day is a Friday, Friday. I honestly don't know where this is going but heck I have been babbling all day long.
It's been a wicked week in the weather. In which I totally love. RAIN, THUNDER, and chaos.
I just hope it's all gone by the weekend cause Saturday is the Rush Concert! Yes, I am going. Took the day off and the day after to get the contact high outta my system. Believe it or not Rush has been together for over 30 years.. WOW.
This will be my third concert. They are exciting to watch and listen to in person.