Once again I am bound for Sin City!! Yes, Vegas. I can't wait it's only a few hours away and I am on the silver bird jet setting it for the artifically beautiful city in the desert. We are meeting friends and going to see Jimmy Buffet. This will mean I will officially be a parrothead. Maybe I can win some money to top off this little vacation.



Okay, yesterday's post was a little harsh and demanding. I was being very rude. I should know better not to demand presents on the day before the 2 month mark of Christmas.

As of today it is the official day of the 2 month mark before Christmas. I NOW would like to start by asking ya'll if you would get me a nice present or two..




IT'S ONLY 2 MONTHS till Christmas Eve!
beat the rush buy me presents
NOW !!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



howdy all! it's been 12 days since my last confess I mean post. I am sorry for that but I am still working 6 days a week. I am hoping this is my last week of this nonsense. My new partner is doing great but still needs encouragement. In fact I am almost jealous about how well she is taking in all the stuff that I have been throwing her. There is alot to the job we do other than the obvious. Especially all the bullshit that management is suppose to be doing but pushes it on us. Everyday she is back there with me, she is sounding more and more like me when it comes to complaining about some of the stuff we deal with on a hourly basis. It's quite funny. OK, to me its freakin' hilarious!!


I would like to say congratz to Cara for her 300th post this last week! KUDOS to you! Keep up the good posting!

to SMEDFX for his 500th posting on this day! KUDOS to you !! keep up the good work and don't worry about bad editing that is your charm SMED!

more to come this week I have alot of posting if I am ever going to make to 300-500 posting.

Happy Monday!



snooping around the websites of other bloggers I have found Logtar! AND after I poke around my own blog I see that you have visited my very own and left a mention. THANK YOU !! you honor me So I honor you by putting you in my blog roll. I thought I was typing to myself. I do have to admit this is the best and cheapest psychiatrist on the earth. Thank you again. I hope I can keep all interested. Everyone else KEEP ON BLOGGIN!!!!

where have I been??

I have been far too long to explode in mental/verbal assault against the vary world that I work! I SO want to launch a fuming, naughty word, physical beating tirade towards my place of work that would make your ears bleed. Unfortunately, I am freakin to g-damn tired to even care about how pissed I am at the simple-minded people they TRY to call management at the store I work. I know if I try to explain why and what has occurred; you would think ohh freakin what a whiner. WHY don't you grow-up and byte the bullet and do your job. and of course I would say yah, I would love to but I am taking the freakin job home with me. I am getting so FU**ing stressed out that I am making myself sick. Yah, I am a whiner and I am tired of bringing the sh*t home with me. I am working 6 days a week not because I want to but because I don't want to come back from a day off with a crap load of mess to clean up which I still come back after one day off. I am working on one of my days of vacation for the very same reason. and which I am going to come back to a huge mess.

Now you are asking why I am whining about all this.

WELL, my partner in crime(work) decided that he wasn't getting what he wanted at the store we work (MORE POWER TO HIM) he transferred to another store to move up in the corporate ladder. SO, while I was on vacation in August he started the transfer process. I came back from vacation and he hit me we the BOMB! Don't get me wrong I am happy for him. But the management took their sweet time in getting someone to replace him. SO, on the day before his leaving they (management) came to him NOT me (the one staying) and told him that the person that was taking his place would be ready to come over on Tuesday and that another person would be training her on what we do so I wouldn't have to train her since I am at a lower pay level than her. OKAY big problem there, the a-hole that WAS suppose to train her didn't know SH*t about what I do and he stayed to train her for less than a hour. YEAH! I am training her. NO fault to her own. It's the sh*t for brains management that has done this to me. THEN they gave her my slow day off so I could show her tons of stuff without alot of people bugging us. Told her to come in and work on my busiest and most stressful day. At wits end here.
THE light is at the end of the tunnel. YES, ok maybe not but it's close. Sixteen days from now I am tripping the light fantastic in that glorious SIN city of Las Vegas. It may not be much that makes me ever so slightly happy that I am going outta town to get away from my work. Going some place that just a few people know me, so I can act of the fool that I love to be.

now I fall off the soapbox.


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