Who know that I was so responsible for the entire shrink of grocery at the Wallyland that I work. Mind you I am a receiver and I do check in most of the product that is sold on the grocery side. BUT ALL OF IT??? Well, some of the management believe that I check in all of the groceries that come into that store and all of the loss is my fault. It's not only a crock of shit; it's a mother load of mother crocks of shit!! If I am responsible for all of it I should have my hands all of it and I haven't. I may take care of .05% of 100% of all the groceries that actually come into the store. So, why am I blowing up and getting all pissed off? I got wrote up for taking a short cut or two to make my job a little easier, which by the way not policy. I don't care that I got wrote up-- I admit I was in the wrong. That's not the problem. The problem is that they essentially told me I was the cause of all the shrink in grocery.
So, I am up grading my status for looking a new job. From picking at the ads here and there to out and out grazing for the perfect job that pays more with respect of the worker. So, if anyone of you out there know of a place that likes a hard worker with a cynical attitude about the general workplace. email me please.

thanks for peeking into my way wrong world.



Yes, another Black Friday survived. There should be a Survivor TV show just based on the preparations of the Black Friday sales. Yeah, from both ends of the the scope, like from the retail perspective and the 'Christmas's war hardened shopper'. Get cameras out there that film the planning and fights, right down to the the payout. First one outta a store with only cuts and bruises wins. WHAT a concept. This could be a whole season worth of in your face reality based TV. What do ya think?? Would it be a hit?


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers of Serenity's Escape. I do appricate all of you! I would like to wish all of you a safe and wonderful holiday season. Good luck to those who are tossing the dice on getting those prized presents tomorrow on what most retailers call BLACK FRIDAY!


Turkey Day is for the BIRDS

Well, here we are all ready for the big day? NOT
I work in grocery could really care less if I see another frozen bird if it flew in and landed on my plate cooked.
All I care about anymore is the peace and quiet of home with family and friends.

In fact who cares about cooking all turkey for TURKEY DAY, the family and I are going to have Ruben samwiches with german potato salad and other fun foods.

This holiday is about giving thanks. So, I am going to give thanks to those who mean most to me. The hubby, the kidlets, and yes, to the best in-laws and the parents that a girl can have in the world. To all my friends that really stuck by me thru thick and thin. I will even give thanks to those who even dislike me because if they didn't have anyone to hate, their piss-poor lives would tragically desolate.

I give thanks to all the troops around the world who are far,far away from their families.

So, I would like to give tremendous big thanks to all who read my blog. Wish you a HAPPY, SAFE, wonderful turkey day.



I have shamelessly swiped this from SMEDFX !!! and thanks to Smed for this awesome
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cash advance

who would know this one hahahahaha

one more for the parrots