Righteous Religions

Righteous, overbearing, so-called Christians give me a big bad pain in my *bleep* at Need God dot com. I am practicing non-practicing christian. I believe in something more out there but what I don't know. I know there are a lot of unanswered questions that are getting answered every day by scientists. When people who are so righteous and so closed minded about not believing in anything else but what is in the Bible. I work with a simpleton that thought that the Narnia Chronicles were about Satan and witchcraft. He would listen to the gist that it might be about God and God's story could be told in a fantasy type way. I had to turn my back on this sad, sad simpleton. What is bringing this on is what Ambitious Fledgling brought up in her blog today. I took the test. Damn, no one even the blessed Pope could pass that test. 'Nuff said. I can't even think straight anymore. blessed be.


Ghosthunters Is a Show to Watch

I just recently started watching Ghosthunters and I can't believe how good it has become. I didn't realize that its been on for 4 years. I had boycotted Sci-Fi channel for several years because they cancled one of my all time favorites shows, Farscape. But the peoples at Sci-fi have almost redeemed themselves. I hope they don't cancle this show. Watch it and find this gem.


Nothing Much...

Ti's Friday. Another exhausting week behind me. Nothing exciting happened. Though I did get my yearly evaluation. Let me say, I am not going to get rich working for this company unless I opt for the free lobotomy when you enter into the management program. So, my new yearly stipend has been increased to forty cents. Yeah, it's just so exciting. I can put that down payment on that sweet beach front condo in the Andes. With that the oil companies decided to raise ONCE again the gas prices this very same day to $3.49 a gallon. Here I just barely make $3.00 a hour. Does anyone out there know where a girl can get a good horse to ride to work?? HAPPY DAYS are here again!!!


My pondering thoughts...

Thought 1
As I was thinking about fixing dinner tonight and decided on my favorite quick fix, will kill the hunger pangs of fried runny eggs and a slice of toast with a smattering of yellow mustard on the side for more YELLOW. I think I can hear ya'll retching in the background here. OH freakin la tee dah.

I searched and searched my abundance condiments in the frig and found only Brown mustard. My little self thought oh well, it's mustard. Should taste good make it more Gore-met. BOY oh BOY was I wrong at that. please don't do the brown mustard with eggs. I learnt a good lesson tonight. BLECK. my favorite meal has been a ruin't.

Thought 2
As I was reading my bio for this blog. Yes, Smed I do read on occasion. I was a thinking what exactly is middle years? Scratching my head, relocating the fleas around to better surroundings. I started to wonder what makes the middle years? Is it 100 years old the end of your time? If so that would prolly make me 50. No, I am not 50, so that can't be it. I am defiantly not in my middle years. Then I started to think about these new sayings that have been popping up 50 is the new 30 and 90 is the new 70. So if I am 40 does that mean I am in my teens again?? By the gawds I do NOT feel like I am 39+2 anniversaries. Never will and don't want to feel the age I am chronologically suppose to be. So, my Bio is all wrong. I am not as old as I lead to be.

okay, I am worn out from using this overly worked brain of mine. It's been too much for my Wal-Martian hive mentality. Need to sleep. sleep perhaps to dream......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Little Slow this Week

Would LOVE to thank Emawkc for the plug!! http://3oclockam.blogspot.com/2008/04/new-kids-on-blog.html#links

I almost feel famous! I love reading all the blogs from around the city. It's fun to see that I am not the only freak in this city of ours! Plus I am not the Freakiest! Just a little freaky Wal-Martian!!


Attention Jet Li and Jackie Chan FANS

don't forget The Forgotten Kingdom opens tomorrow.



The Zombies Are A Comin'

I am guessing I am ready for that all out Zombie attack. After reading Max Brooks book World War Z- the Oral History of the Zombie Wars, I have been getting ready for them nasty zombies

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P.A.'s Redeux

Early one morning a voice, A DEEP DEEP male voice cracked over the intercom with this announcement ----
" Attention Associates, will a member of management come to the time clock."

Yah, you are saying what's so innocuous about that announcement..

Here it is this guy's voice was so deep and so eerie that I dropped a huge stack of papers that I had been filing. This voice sounded like Satan/Death.
If you have ever read the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett you would understand that the Death character would talk in DEEP rumbling capital letters.

Because I had always thought all of the Wall-martians had sold their souls to Satan.

But when this guy rumbled out his request, I thought he was Satan/Death had sold his soul to Wallyland.

As I was talking to friend about the Satan announcement. He said that since Mr. Walton has died, Satan lost his job and sold his soul to Sam. Now poor Satan has to work at Wallyland for the rest of his unnatural life.


It looks like....

It looks like I am almost Disney-like in my ways of the blog... and I try so hard...

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